Booking your surf vacation with Ifni Surf we can also help you to organize other incredible activities. For more information and price details in regarding to the activities listed below do not hestitate to contact us at any time.

In addition to this activities we have a surf shop, where you can find new equipment for your boards and souvenirs.


Learn how to surf has never been so much fun! Come to join us and we will show you our passion. At our home beach in Sidi Ifni or the impressive beach of Legzira our experienced surf instructors will help you to discover this excellent and highly addictive sport. They will teach you in a responsable and motivated way, therefore we place emphasis on small groups.

For those who want to stay more independently we rent all the necessary surfing equipment. You can keep the rented boards as long as you want without being asked to take it back to the school in the evening.

In addition we offer surf guiding to our visitors, helping them to explore secret spots that only local knowledge can provide. After checking the forecast and the conditions at our home spot we know immediately wich wave would be the best for your next surf session.

Starting at 15€

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Explore the impressive red rock formations at the famous beach of Legzira by kayak. At our Surf House in Legzira you can find a rental of kayaks and all the necessary equipment to enjoy a wonderful tour.

Starting at 6€

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Desert Trips by 4×4

Travel by 4×4 across the mountains and desert of the surroundings of Sidi Ifni. Explore the impressive red rock arches of Legzira and let yourself be enchanted by a wonderful sunset or discover the old French Forgein Legion Camp Fort Bourjriff in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy an adrenaline rush sandboarding down the dunes of Plage Blanche. Meet camels and explore the rich flora and fauna of South Morocco.

Starting at 20€

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Moroccan Cooking Class

Learn to creat traditional Moraccan dishes with our wonderful cook on the rooftop of the Surf Camp. Discover the rich flavors, aromas and colors of the Moroccan cuisine.

Starting at 8€

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Massage – Time to relax!

After a greatfull day of surf take a rest and relax during a fantastic and revitalizing massage. By combining different techniques our massagist will help you to relax your body as well as your mind and recharge power for the next surf session.

Starting at 12€

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During your stay at Sidi Ifni you can visit one of the traditional Moroccan bathhouses called Hammam. Don’t miss out this wonderful cultural experience of cleansing. After a good surf session you can relax your muscles and free your mind due to the warm temprature. Beside you should use the chance to connect with Morrocans.

Starting at 5€

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Argan and cactus oil manufactory

Visit the manufactory of argan and cactus oil and see how the local women produce many ecology products like soap, balm or shampoo. There you have the oportunity to buy directly honey, tasty amlou, oil, cosmetics and much more local products.

Starting at 5€

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Sook (traditional moroccan market)

During the weekend we invite you to go for a walk through the sook and get in touch with the moroccan market culture. In addition to taste fresh fruits, vegetables and olives you can buy carpets, scarfs, traditional clothes and plenty of second hand curosities.

Starting at 5€

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