Morocco is a surfing paradise with mostly right waves, but in Sidi Ifni we are lucky enough to have not only a great famous right wave, called “la droite” (right in French) but also several extraordinary left waves. In Sidi Ifni you can enjoy good waves and breaks but also a friendly and relaxed atmosphere both in and out of the water the whole year around. Even in high season our point breaks are uncrowded and the locals are friendly.

Our main wave is a long right on Ifni Beach, available to surfers at all levels, just few meters away from the surf camp. Even though it is a reef break it is not at all a dangerous wave and it works at both high and low tide.

Following the same beach to the south there are a couple more lefts with mostly sandy bottom, almost always deserted despite their quality. That makes them a paradise to all goofy surfers.

The last wave of the beach breaks next to the old Spanish aerial tramway. It is a magnificent left that reminds you of a Balinese tube with in the right conditions.

And there is still another left, south of Ifni’s harbor. Thanks to the protection offered by the piers it is the only wave of the area that works even with big swells. It is a really long wave of extraordinary quality, with mixed bottom, sandy with rocks. And, because of its location it is an ideal place for beginners to learn surfing as well.

The magic beach of Legzira is just ten minutes north of Sidi Ifni, lays, well known as one of the most beautiful beaches of the country, with amazing arches and impressive rocky formations. In Legzira, there are both lefts and rights, on a mixed ocean floor (sand and rocks), also free of danger. We have a house in this idyllic place, right on the beach that will make of your day-long stay at Legzira beach a memorable and comfortable experience.

The south of Morocco awaits you with loads of beaches and empty peaks, and secret spots that we will be happy to share with you when you book our guiding or surfari packs.